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  • Sushi and Whisky Voyage
    Sushi and Whisky Voyage
    Enjoy a decadent range of fresh sushi and specialty Japanese Whisky, and be taken on a journey of Japanese storytelling and nourishment with our Whisky Voyage menu.
  • Mini Misono Sushi Making
    Mini Misono Sushi Making

    Welcome to Family by JW, introducing an interactive programme for both children and adults to promote engagement and enrichment among our guests. Join our skilled Misono chef's in creating your own sushi.

  • Dining Offers
    Dining Offers
    Misono forms a variety of themed atmospheres, from the sushi bars exacting knifes, and the teppan Chef's flying rice, to the savouring sips of Japanese whisky in the bar overlooking the hinterland's golden sunset. They are distinct offerings that can be enjoyed independently or in a series to suit the customer